Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Week In Eight Pictures

The term 'holiday' for me equates to a lie in past 12 everyday, a lot of baths and over spending via retail therapy. So thats exactly what i have done this easter!
My recent obsession is 'Made In Chelsea' - this is probably not a healthy addiction seeing as i only started the first series last week and i am already on series 3... I just want to be a socialite in London so bad - it seems like the perfect life! If you haven't already been drawn into it, i suggest you don't start watching it - unless your prepared to be addicted then go ahead. 
The picture on the top right is another new love - my cami top from Topshop for £22. Its like a silk crop top perfect to wear with jeans or a high waisted skirt or with shorts in summer.  I love the pattern and colours especially because it can be worn up or down depending on accessories. Again, another top i don't need!
I have started another of John Green's books - Will Grayson Will Grayson, so far its really good! I read Looking For Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars also by him which were so sad yet funny and uplifting at the same time. 
The Arctic Monkeys CD's represent my excitement for their new album which hopefully should be out later this summer (fingers crossed). 'Whatever people say i am thats what i'm not" is potentially one of the best albums. Ever. There is a song for every moment on there from road trips to a nights out!
Me and my friends have recently had slightly un-usawel nights out... To pub quizzes! They are actually so funny and cheating is surprisingly easy! The picture of the sky was taken just before our 3rd quiz - we were so close to winning £250 (with the help of google)!
The bottom left picture was taken the other night before a friends 18th party. The bralet is from Topshop which i brought in the sale for only £15, and i tucked my velvet high waisted skirt from eBay underneath it to make it look like a dress! It was a really good night apart from the fact i didn't take into account i would be waiting in -10 gale force winds whilst waiting for a taxi and hence freezing to death for the majority of the party!
Finally i love yankee candles - so far i have used 'Black cherry' and this one 'Beach walk' - both are £1.80 each. 'Beach walk' basically smells like your at the seaside and is so so calming - its a sleeping pill in candle form.

Hope you have all had lovely easter holidays!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bedroom Accessories

Candle Holder - Vintage shop; Mini Shelf - Urban Outfitters 

After 3 months I have finally got round to using my christmas presents... They make my room look so cute/vintage. I haven't decided what to use the shelf for yet, maybe nail varnishes or candles?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

MAC Lipstick

MAC 'Chili' Lipstick - £14

For christmas my friend brought me some lipstick that i have been wanting for ages.. and i love it! It was pretty expensive for £14 but it was worth it as it stays on for literally the whole day and doesn't wear of. This one is 'matte' and isn't too shiny or too dull. 
I'm now obsessed with MAC lipstick and can't wait to spend my wages on lots more!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas Wish List - It's that time of year again.

Heels - River Island; Camera - Urban Outfitters; The Rest - Topshop

Yesterday it was summer and now we are past the 50 day count down to christmas. It seems as we get older, the faster the days go. Unfair yes. However its christmas so i'm not complaining! This year i don't want anything specific or big (which is unusual for me) so i'm going to ask for lots of clothes and cute things for my room! I have wanted a camera like the above (from urban outfitters) for ages - they produce lomography type images and looks really retro. They are quite expensive though - this one ranges from £50- £100 so i'm defiantly going to ask for it rather than buy it myself! The dress from topshop is so cute and dainty and would be perfect for a christmas family party or get together, along with the heels from river island! 
Yes, i still have my obsession with blouses - both of the above are from topshop and gorgeous, hence why i can't resist them! The velvet skirt looks as if it would be so versatile and could be worn with chelsea boots and any type of blouse or bra-lets to be dressed up. 

This is only half of what i will be asking for - the realistic half. What do you want for Christmas? 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

5 Days Of November gig

Leather jacket - New look; Dress - Topshop; Boots - Topshop; Bag- Topshop;Ring - Topshop 

This week has been so busy, and has literally exhausted me. So what better way to treat my tiredness than to go out! Last night was a friends birthday and tonight i'm going to a local concert/gig - called 5 Days Of November. They have recently launched their EP and were played on radio one the other day, so check them out! 
This is what i will be wearing tonight (minus the bag, but it is new and i wanted to show it off!). The dress is from Topshop and was relatively cheap (£26) and is good for casual or wear it fancy with heels. These are my Chelsea boots which i decided to keep in the end, and my ring which i picked up in the sale for £2.50. 

What are you doing tonight?

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Shirt - Vintage; Coat - Topshop; Necklace - Topshop

 Today was one of those days. You're tired, cold and would love just to put you're one-zie on and read your magazine. BUT this was what i wore today! The shirt is my mums which i love; the pattern is so pretty and looks vintage, except the size is tiny! I love wearing actual vintage clothes as it's not just a replicate as you know that no-one else will have it so it makes the outfit seem more special. 
Incase you're wondering, yes i'am now in my one-zie, sitting by the radiator reading this:

I love Company; its so inspiring and always has a column on bloggers which is good for tips and new blogs to follow. I defiantly recommend getting a subscription- on a day like today seeing the post literally makes my day!

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Chelsea Boot - yes or no?

Topshop - £62

The chelsea boot looks so nice and adds class to any outfit, and suit so many people. But me. I recently brought these from Topshop after falling in love with them. The only problem? I don't suit them! I never really wear heels, only really high ones for parties etc, so buying this type is going out of my comfort zone! Now, i face a dilemma - i love the boots but not sure if i should keep them!
Any thoughts?!